The Brigade Santoku Knife And Why Its Versatility Is Perfect

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The Santoku Knife and the Classic Chefs Knife

When we came up with the idea of Brigade Kitchen we wanted to make sure our products catered to the home chef. Whether you cook once a month three or times a week, chances are you did not go to culinary school and learn the proper technique to prep your meal using the rocking technique associated with a proper chefs knife.


The Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife has less of a rocker, allowing for more of a chopping motion and a more versatile style of cutting. It is also the MVP of kitchen knives, Santoku, meaning "three uses", which in the culinary world means: slice, dice and mince. We wanted a knife that everyone felt comfortable using and we know we found it. The people sampling our knives have used it to butcher chickens, cut T-Bones, finely chop an immense amount of veggies. This has been in personal kitchens and professional kitchens and all of the feed back has been extremely strong. 


Santuko Vs Classic

We thought long and hard about whether to go with a  Santoku or Chefs knife but we decided that the Santoku suited our target demographic much better. Its an all around knife that can be used for nearly anything. No proper training is needed for it and it is durable enough to be used in so many other ways. The Damascus steel ensures you that your knife is strong, durable, and ready to get the job done whether that be butchering a whole chicken or fine slicing chives for the top of some buffalo wings. We created a knife with professional quality, incredibly durability and strength due to the Damascus process, and we made it affordable enough for the everyday home chef.

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