A community for the food-loving home chef, with a simple mission of providing them with the tools, content, service and education they need, at a price they can afford.



Our thoughts exactly. As a brother & sister founding team, we found ourselves on the simple mission of providing the home cook with the tools, content, service and education they need, at a price they can afford. Josephine and Shane, felt there was a serious lack of education for the home cook, and they felt education breeds empowerment.  Coming from a very large family, Josephine and Shane’s goal is that The Brigade creates that same sense of home, education and approachability to food, tools and techniques that they, along with their siblings, experienced every night, cooking side by side with their mom.  Launching Brigade in 2017 and starting with The Hardware, which is the result of over a year of product development, we’re here to show you which pan is truly best for caramelizing onions, and not only that – but why.





Throughout our product development period, we tested, and tested, and yes, tested again. We explored material tweaks to design features and ultimately landed on The Hardware, made up of four core products, which we believe are the staple tools for essentially any kitchen. We work directly with some of the best and most experienced manufacturers in the world, cutting out the middlemen and allowing us to provide you with the same premium products you would find in kitchen specialty stores but at half the price! In addition to The Hardware, we thought a lot about education and empowerment. You should look forward to cooking dinner after a long day at the office, not dread it. We hosted focus groups, spoke extensively with our Urban Millennial Peers to figure out how we can inspire & educate you. With time conscious, health conscious and space conscious seasonal recipes, we are so excited to be cooking together. Welcome to the Brigade.




If you cook at home, want to cook at home, if you love to eat, or just love food, the Brigade is for you. Perfect for a novice or master chef, our pans are completely versatile because they are oven safe, dishwasher safe, induction compatible, and we’ve even been known to throw them on the grill. And as for our knife, say goodbye to the bulky knife block monopolizing your counter space (when we know you use the same knife every time). Our Santoku can handle just about anything you need to slice and dice, from #meatlessmonday prep to steak night, (in our house, we used it to carve our Thanksgiving turkey). We've heard time and time again from our customers how their prep has completely evolved, is easy and more enjoyable  now they have a no-nonsense knife.  Overall, we know everyone doesn’t have space for a ton of cookware and knives, we don’t either! Whichever tools you prefer to cook with - Brigade supports. So-long are the days of being conned into a 10-piece set just to get a discount. With our build-your-own-set model, once you hit 3 pieces (yes, any combination of 3), you get a 10% break on the price




We started this as a passion project. Growing up in a family with 5 kids, the chaos of our day seemed to halt when dinner time came around. Because of these memories, both of us are avid and passionate home cooks. Using our backgrounds, software & marketing strategy and start-ups & ecommerce respectively, we found there was a clear gap in the market for a cooking community, at the intersection of quality and value. We have watched our friends get the kitchen of their dreams through their wedding registry and became tired of waiting for a monumental life event like that to finally feel “appropriately domestic”. Because yes, we read cookbooks for fun, and our idea of a great night out is making 6 hour braised short ribs and inviting good friends over to share it. We couldn’t be more proud with the community, also known as The Brigade, we have built.


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