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The Cook's Gift Guide   

"The perfect starter kit...Built for both novice and master chefs, Brigade Kitchen (fun fact: it was started by siblings) combines high-quality cookware with durable materials—so their pans are both beautiful and built for the just-out-of-college singles or even newlyweds."

November, 2018

25 Practical Kitchen Gifts for Anyone Who Just Moved in to a New Place Will Be Thankful For  

 "The only knife they need...In the short tem, they'll be content using this high-quality, versatile knife and in the long term this investment piece will keep them from continually repurchasing cheaper options, ultimately saving them some money down the road"

November, 2018

The Best Cookware Sets From Direct-to-Consumer Companies   

 "The pots and pans are constructed from 5-ply stainless steel and aluminum, and the knife is made from 67 layers of Damascus steel, making it very sharp and very durable. Plus, all the pans are dishwasher- and oven-safe, and induction compatible."

October, 2018 



Which New Start-Up Makes The Best Cookware?

"The skillet, with a heavy bottom and slightly sloped edges, was good for sautéing vegetables. I had few complaints about the actual performance of the Santoku knife, with an ever-so-slightly curved tip that allowed me to rock through onions with not a tear in sight. "

September, 2018




32 Startups that make shopping for your home simple and stress-free.

October, 2018

50 of the Best Labor Day Sales

August, 2018

18 Things new college grads should invest in now, instead of buying the cheap versions- according to a recent grad.

"You can cook nearly everything else with these three pans of varying capacities. Also boasting a five-ply stainless steel and aluminum construction, they're durable and distribute heat quickly and evenly. The skillet sears meats beautifully, the sauté pan is perfect for stir-fry meals, and the sauce pan lets you make sauces, soups, and pasta."

July, 2018

"Say goodbye to the days of cheap hand-me-downs and give the gift of nice cookware that will last.

25 Graduation Gifts Under $100 That The Class of 2018 Will Love

"Say goodbye to the days of cheap hand-me-downs and give the gift of nice cookware that will last. Brigade Kitchen's five-ply stainless steel and aluminum skillet is sturdy and cooks like a pan that should cost a lot more." May, 2018

This affordable kitchen startup only sells 4 products — a Japanese Santoku knife and 3 pans it says are all home cooks need

"Their strong and durable 5-ply stainless steel and aluminum construction allows for quick, even heat dispersal, the power of which I discovered when I effortlessly seared meats like steak and pork. A delicious, crispy golden-brown crust with an interior that's actually cooked through can be a tricky balance to attain, but I had an easier time than usual doing it with Brigade's skillet, as well as an easier time washing away the remnants...These three essential pans are now all I need to use in the kitchen."

4 Direct-to-consumer kitchen startups that are changing the way we shop for cookware and knives

"The pans have a beautiful brushed finish. Instead of a chef's knife, the founders opted for a Santoku knife, a light and versatile tool made with 67 layers of Damascus steel that affords more chopping and less rocking motions." 

April, 2018  


The Best Direct-to-Consumer Chef's Knives, Paring Knives, and Knife Sets   

"It's the most capable, reliable santoku's of the D2C set." - Joe Sevier

March, 2018

The Top Kitchen Knives You Need in Your Cutlery Collection   

"Brigade's Santoku knife is razor sharp, meaning it will slice through delicate herbs or tough cuts of meat with almost no effort." - Betty Gold

 March, 2018

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets For Your Kitchen  

"We were impressed with how perfectly it browned steaks in our test." - Betty Gold

February, 2018




Steel Gifts for your 11th Wedding Anniversary 

"This skillet, sauce pan, sauté pan, and knife set will surely revamp your spouse's current set of kitchen goods, which has probably seen some wear." 

May, 2018

10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters 

"Founded by a brother-and-sister team in 2017, Brigade Kitchen offers well-priced tools for home chefs, with pots and pans sized for cooking for two to four people. "

May, 2018


Brigade Kitchen x Outgift 

 "Utilizing lean distribution and cutting out the middle man, Brigade Kitchen offers home cooks everywhere the chance to purchase cookware that boasts the quality of today's luxury brands but at half the cost. "

June, 2018

Megyn Kelly's Big Applepalooza

"A New York based Start-Up company that sells high quality cookware & chef's knives

March, 2018




Huntington: A Haven For Entrepreneurs  

"The brother-sister-duo officially launched Brigade in November 2017 with a website spawned from a nearly one-year process of developing their brand and products." - Janee Law

February, 2018



Best Gifts For Foodies Who Have Everything Will Actually Love

"No foodie's kitchen is complete without a serious knife — Brigade Kitchen's Santoku is sized for all chopping occasions and made from sleek Damascus steel." - Elizabeth Buxton

December, 2017



Kind Of A Big Deal 

"Warby Parker for cookware? Just launched, Brigade offers a-la-carte cookware sets (knives, sauté pans, skillets, etc.) for as little as $70 per item. Basically, it’s an inexpensive way to up your kitchen game." - The Editors

November, 2017


OK Magazine 2017 Gift Guide

November, 2017