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For every Head Chef, there's a Sous Chef, and the paring knife from Brigade is the best Sous Chef out there. Designed for intricate slicing jobs that require precision and simplicity, this paring knife is built for the job and built to last. We designed the paring knife and constructed it using 67 layers of VG10 stainless steel to give you optimal performance in the kitchen. VG10 stainless gives the paring knife the hardness of carbon steel, with the corrosion resistance and durability of stainless steel.

Product Specs
      • VG10 premium stainless steel
      • 67 layer blade construction
      • Composite handle
      • Dishwasher safe
      • 3.5" blade, 7.75" overall
      • Weight 3 oz

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In the kitchen

Slice, peel, dice, and more - the paring knife is the perfect kitchen companion. See it in action here.

Frequently asked questions

What materials are used to make your paring knife?

The santoku knife is made of 67 layers or VG10 stainless steel. What does that mean? VG10 stainless steel is an incredible, high-end metal, that allows for the hardness of carbon steel, while also keeping the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. That means your blade edge stays sharp longer and your knife stays shiny for a lifetime!

What is the return policy for your paring knife?

We know there is always some hesitation when ordering online, so we offer a free 60-day return or exchange period, no questions asked.

Is your paring knife dishwasher safe?

The santoku knife is dishwasher safe, however, it is always best to hand wash you knives. The reason is because you never know what else might be rattling in your dishwasher that could damage the blade itself. If you do wash your knife in the dishwasher, it is best to have it laying flat and not to close to any loose items.

Where is your paring knife made?

Our cookware is designed in Boston, Massachusetts and manufactured by one of the top stainless steel and knife production facilities in Southern China. A big part of our business is finding partners that have excellent experience, quality, and ethics and our current manufacturing partner checks all the boxes and then some!

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